Rajsthani Folk (Bhavai, Ghoomar) Traditional Folk Dance Delhi (delhi)

Posted On: May 29 2009 5:51PM

Orchestra band, Dancers, Male-Female Singers and Anchors, Ladies Sangeet, Rajasthani Folk Dance, Gazal Night in delhi
We have experience of 20years in this industry. We have shehnai team and Orchestra Band for wedding purpose and all kind of parties, also for same purpose I have all kind of instrument, & "A" Grade artists which can play solo classical music, western music, light music & old film songs. (Instrumental orchestra) we are based in delhi for the last 20 years.

We can provide you with various types of music for various
occasions that includes:

a.) Marriages
b.) Sagan Ceremony
c.) Receptions
d.) Inaugurations
e.) Mehndi
f.)  Festivals
g.) Corporate Parties

We have all kind of instruments players for:
Shehnai player , Sitar player , Sarangi, Santur, Flute player, Sarod, Violine player,
Guitar player , Mendoline, violin player , Tasha , Nagada, Dhol player , Tabla,
Dholak player, Pakhawaj player, Mridungam, Acostic, Drumset, Octapad, Congo,
Bongo, Thumba, Accordion player, Saxophone player, Soprano player,  Pipe Player, Bugle player, Marching band, wedding band  etc.

We have male & female singers and Dancers which can play on following
items with
Orchestra band.
(a) Ganesh Vandana
(b) Mangal Gaayan
(c) Rajasthani Folk Songs
(d) Marwari Songs
(e) Ghoomar Dance
(f)  Films songs
(g) Gazal Night Programme
(h) Ladies Sangeet (Mehndi)
(i) Rajasthani Folk Dance

Specialites in Ladies Sangeet, Mehndi Ki Raat Delhi

( Ganesh Vandana, Tel - Baan Ke Geet, Rajasthani Folk Songs, Bhaat ke geet, Tappe Boliya, Sehra ke geet, Bhaat ke geet, Old and New Films songs, Shuhag ke Geet, Ghori ke geet, Marwari Songs, Lagan Ke Geet, Haldi ke Geet, Banna-Banni, Gidde )

Any kind of programs Please Contact:-
Rohini, Delhi
M: - +91-11-9891506676, +91-11-9891879627
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