Main Door Facing SOUTH - Serious VASTU-Dosha.Get Remedy Here.. - Mumbai

Posted On: Nov-28-09 07:54

Hi there, I've started marketing a concept that Indian community will buy to keep their flat, house, office,factory SAFE from Vastu DOSHA.Perhaps you may be aware that flat/house facing SOUTH direction invites the wrath of Demon (Yamdoot) and all Vastu Shastra Pandit advocates to protect it else will have ill effects on family like death, loss of money and or business etc.

It is a simple device to fix it on outside of the main entrance door frame. Since MOST people know it but did not know where to get, thats where you come in to provide them this product.

Not very expensive and small 2"x2" size only and you can supply this for Rs.301 only, you will be handsomely rewarded. This is the biz no one ever started but you can now. Join me NOW. Each building and all occupants of South facing flats are your clients. Imagine the Money you cud make. Write me with your name, address and contact to meet and start.

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